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Just for the collectors. I found a (rare) 10C for sale on ebay, auction still ongoing for 9 days. Object nr is 270082961312. Thought it could be interesting for some (present price is still low). Seller claims a near mint condition.
PS: I am not that seller.




collectors do already scan through eBay auctions. No further ads needed here, please.



We just use this site to complain about ads on the unmentionable auction website...

Like look at this auction

Look at thebullcabinet's shipping charges! How does tbc get away with this obvious trick around a Paypal surcharge?

Paypal surcharges! thebullcabinet's ESS Level 1 vs. Standard is in essence a thinly veiled attempt (by offering very minor difference in shipping times) to attempt violation of the rules on payment method surcharges AND excessive shipping charges.

thebullcabinet does this ALL the time. It is an unfair advantage over others and a trick to cheat the rules.

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MD, I don't understand what your post has to do with the 10c. Shouldn't you have started a new thread? I also don't understand the basis of your complaint. The seller does not accept Paypal. His shipping terms may not be the most admirable, but I don't see how it has anything to do with Paypal one way or the other.

Your post seems to be designed more to upset a certain category of user on this forum than to be a sincere and pertinent inquiry or attempt to help. The reason for such an intention is beyond my comprehension.


Hi Steve,

He does accept Paypal for basically 9 dollars more. Look at the shipping structure he offers. This is a sneaky way to get in a Paypal surcharge. It is against the rules for that website to charge more money for different payment methods. 1 or 2 days of difference of shipping out is not a real reason to charge 9 dollars more.

This is sincere; it is upsetting seeing others flout that auction website's rules with tricks!

And I was trying to give Jan an example of what we talk about per that auction website on this forum.


No, he accepts PayPal only if he ships by a shipping method that has tracking delivery and insurance, and he has all the right to do so.

After all is the seller money that goes to the buyer when PayPal refunds the buyer ... even if the buyer explicitly chooses not to have insurance.


Okay, let us assume you are correct. Then why is not Paypal accepted for standard shipping if the $9- extra is really the cost for thebullcabinet to stick it in his mailbox a day earlier? C'mon. ESS1 is parcel post or priority mail JUST LIKE standard shipping (as appropriate, whatever that means.)

And I do not even want to hear about tracking. That only costs 50 cents or less if they use Paypal shipping. And thebullcabinet stated nothing about offering tracking or insurance for ESS1 in any case. Even if tbc offered insurance and tracking, it would really cost no more than 5 dollars.

How can you defend this listing? Can't you see it is a way to sneak in an against-the-rules Paypal surcharge?

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Well, first just because it's a rule, it doesn't mean I have to think it's fair, I accept it but still don't think it's fair.
I think it should be the buyer to pay the PayPal charges cause after all it's a commodity if you think at it ... and in fact just a way for eBay to make more money with it's hidden fees ... yup it's eBay that mainly has it's nice "hidden fees" not so much the sellers.
And we arrive at these bad cases in which people in the same country (or inside Euro Zone) end up paying by PayPal when they could very well make a bank transfer for no money.

Yet this is not what is being discussed here.
I admit that the shipping seems the same method ... still, I don't really care, I hope the guy gets paid by bank transfer and everybody wins ... except eBay, witch is a good thing since they keep rising their fees and already earn enough (it's the problem of having monopolies).

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"1 or 2 days of difference of shipping out is not a real reason to charge 9 dollars more."

In your opinion. He says 2 to 3 days vs next day. You calling it 1 or 2 days difference doesn't change the fact that he's actually expiditing the shippment. He is allowed, by ebay, to charge a handling fee. Handling fee of $9 for a next day, expedited shipping, may well be fair, depending on the amount of work it causes.

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