[O.T.] Tokatron calculators


Hi, has anyone of you ever heard about Tokatron calculators?

-- Antonio


Haven't heard of them before, but here's a link to a picture that appears to be one. Doesn't seem like an RPN calc...



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judging by the picture, this is an KOVAC "Beetle" OEM


my model is a different one. Hope I will be able soon to post a picture. I cannot find any news about this calculator which has no model number.

The processor is a NEC marked uPD277C H53216 (the first u is really a greek mu), from 1975.

Any more help?

-- Antonio

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Curious, is it an RPN-based calculator? Would definitely like to see a picture...



RPN? not at all. And it's not working well: some of the keys won't respond. I'll try to fix it (or better: to make it fixed by someone else).

Probably this weekend I'll post its picture.

Thanks for the interest.

-- Antonio

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