HP-49g+ vs HP-50g


I wonder after some time since the introduction of the HP-50g in the USA (yeah, in Europe, or at least in my country we still dont see 50g's for sale), what are the differences between the 2 models except the build quality.

And about build quality, after some time using it do the keys remain with good feedback? As good as the 48gx at least?

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Speaking as someone who owns both (and a 48G as well).

The last 49G+ probably have a build quality close to or equal to the newer Hp50G series (Builds with Serial numbers greater than the 55XXXX) anything earlier is suspect to having bad or inferior keys (I have a couple of 49G+'s, one of them just a bit earlier build with an okay keyboard, one a year earlier than that WITH A BROKEN KEY and a 50G with a MUCH better keyboard than either Hp49G+ in my possession). W/O knowing the build #, I would suggest NEVER buying an HP49G+ for use. And knowing that the HP50G does correct this problem, just buy the HP50G when possible.

Even the Hp50G's keyboard is still NOT quite as nice as the Hp48G's but it is very close.


I would agree with Ron...as far as tactile feel goes, the 50G keyboard is very nice, but the 48G keyboard is superb.

There are 2 things about the configuration of the 50G keyboard that disapoint me, however. The first being the improper placement of the Enter key, and the second (and most disapointing) is those silly little round buttons for the directional controls.
Proper, hinged keys would be much better, IMHO. On the plus side for the 50G, it's display is fantastic.

Best regards, Hal


I never had a 49g+, but I have both a 48GX and a 50g. Sadly, my 50's negation key recently stopped providing tactile feedback and the 0 key provides feedback but doesn't trigger a 0 without a little extra pressure. I was very happy with the machine until now even though it seems to eat batteries at an impressive rate.


First report I've ever seen of something like that with a 50g.

Good news? It's still under warranty and should be replaced.

Call HP and tell them your 50g keyboard is broken and that it needs to be replaced under warranty. Don't take no for an answer.

Keep us in the loop about how the call goes.


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