Amusing Listing on ebay


It's only for a 12C but this amused me.


The seller might not realize this, but many potential buyers would translate "Since I cannot check to make sure it is still working..." as "Does not work."

If there's any chance that it still might still work, I'd think it would be worth his while to buy new batteries, test it, and be able to confirm that it works in the description.



I'd think it would be worth his while to buy new batteries, test it, and be able to confirm that it works in the description.

Works? I don't think so... The LCD is busted from the dog bites. Unless you need a 1LF5 processor or a battery cover it's worthless. Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

Here's another useful listing: Nice HP33S for $130 SOLD OUT! TEMPORARILY CHECK BACK SOON.

Huh? Granted, if you were a surveyor and needed these ?programs?, perhaps you'd be interested. Maybe. But I suspect most surveyors worth their salt could find a 33S and write their own. Pretty strange, a seller with zero feedback that's already sold out. Good marketing agency, I guess ;^)

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I don't think he is sold out but wants you to tell him what you want and he will quote a price.
The list seems to be an ad, not an auction. Cute way to get over on ebay.


I paid $50 for a nearly new one from Canadian seller (hence quicker shipping and no duty headaches), and some would claim I still paid too much. I am a qualified fan of the 33s (though the much discussed trig bugs takes the shine of its charms), but even I think anything over a $60 is pretty nutz, unless it is dipped in gold or something.



me-so-sexy is about to buy it for $16, including shipping. Expensive case and battery cover.


I guess the original feet are worth something, too.

Are these feet the same as the older feet in the series, or have they changed over the years?

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