Miss LOGO HP on my HP 16c


I have found a HP 16c calculator in very good condition, alas the LOGO is missing :(
Where do you think I could find this?
Do you know an address where I could ask to build a LOGO?
Thanks and best regards.

PS: Thanks for your web site. It's very good.


I'm curious to see if anyone has any info than what I have, which is the obvious: you see the logos (formally called "medallions") show up on eBay every once in a while, although they're fairly uncommon. Plus I've never seen a logo for the 16c, just the 15c, 11c and 12c.

I don't know of any third party that makes aftermarket logos, but it's a neat idea. (There are companies that produce repro arcade-game restoration items, so why not calculator restoration?) If you're committed to getting a logo for your calc, solutions that immediately come to mind are: (a) buying a new calc with a logo and sell the old one to subsidize it, or (b) buying a beater 16c, transplant the logo, then re-sell the beater calc.

Ideally, you might be able to find someone here who has a loose logo kicking around (or is willing to prise the logo from their calc for a fee).



I suggest a blasphemous approach. Just buy an Hp12c Logo and stick it on. Yeah, to most of us it would look BAD, but to most uninformed and IGNORANT Ti or other calculator users, it would look like a nice Hp calculator. That you would know different may bother you a bit, but at least it wouldn't have an ugly NAKED square in the corner. The Hp12c logo is fairly easy to get and is going to be cheap (in comparison) as well.

Just my $0.02


A service that engraves trophies might be able to create a decent looking replacement logo.

I have had Laser engraving and cutting done by a local company here in Denver, Colorado and been very happy with them. They are:


They mostly engrave standard trophies but will also do custom encraving. You would have to supply the artwork to them as a CorelDRAW file.

-- Richard


I've noted that Voyager-series models with missing logos tend to have been made in 1986 or later, when the metal logos were replaced by silvertone-finish plastic ones in a cost-cutting measure. The plastic doesn't bond well to the metal bezel underneath, and also the silvertone finish wears off.

Would anyone challenge me on this point?

If I'm right, I'd say that any replacement logo ought to be made of chromed metal -- the way they were originally.

-- KS

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I have a 10c, 11c, 15c, and 4 12c's. One 12c is missing the logo and is 2521Axxxxx from 1985. The space where the logo was is a rough black plastic surface.


I've noted that Voyager-series models with missing logos tend to have been made in 1986 or later, when the metal logos were replaced by silvertone-finish plastic ones in a cost-cutting measure.

I have also noted this. The logos in my first HP-15C (2343B) and in my HP-11C (2540B) are still shiny while the silver painting in my later HP-15C units (2712B and 2740B) have almost vanished away. Is there a way to apply a chrome coating to the later logos?

Best regards,


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