3 hours to go - HP65 w/box $87



Ends Jan-22-07 13:00:09 PST

Has nothing to do with the present high bidder. Honest. :-)


And again, cobu-something will get it for nothing and put it back to market for 2 million dollars...

Well, my VISA card is quite burnt these days so I can't do it myself but, would someone make a good action and bid over him? Just for the fun?

Edited: 22 Jan 2007, 1:21 p.m.


The auction went a little crazy in the last little while and closed out at $257. That is still a good deal if everything works as well as claimed. I paid $355 for my mine with plastic case, adapter, leather case, manuals, Standard Pac and Surveyor Pac, and Pocket Instruction Cards still in cellophane, but no box, and actually was very pleased with myself, even though it needs Randy's healing touch to be ressurrected. The winner of this gem did so much better.

I have said before that I don't seem to have the best bargain hunter's luck, but when I think of how costly other hobbies can be this calculator business is still pretty cheap. And when you think the amazing, history-making HP65 retailed for $800 1970s dollars, getting one now for $200-400 is still a pretty good deal for the true fan.



It's another good example of "Paypal only" auctions bringing far less than those with a full array or payment auctions.

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