Is there a current replacement for the Pana LCR-226P?


This is the battery pack used in the 9114A/B disk drives. Any current replacement SLA batteries (or alternatives) that will fit the form factor?

I found an old message from Tony Duell that said the Panasonic LCR-062R4PU would work, but apparently it is no longer available either...





see my posting from a few days ago.

The replacement battery from Panasonic is 'LCR 6V2.4P' and costs about $15-$20.




I was able to buy a Powersonic PS-628 at It worked perfectly in my 9114B.


Thank you gentlemen, for your assistance!



I'm suprised I recomended another Panasonic battery, because such batteries are hard to find in the UK (the Yuasa brand is much more common here), so I'd not have ever used one.
However, there is a replaceent that will fit the 9114 pack and the Portable+, although it's less convenient to fit than the original. It is to use 3 off
2.5Ah Cyclon cells (these are cylindrical lead-acid cells about the size of normal D-cells, and are rated at 2V each). 3 of them fit perfectly in the 9114 pack or the Portable+ battery compartment.
You need to fix them together (hot-melt glue, cable tied, large heat-shrick sleeving), and wire them in series. Then connect the ends of the 6V battery so-formed to the original wires.
FWIW, both my 9114s (one a -A, the other a -B) have such batteries in them. And the Portable+ service manual shows a battery pack made from Cyclon cells, so they should be fine there.
Cyclon cells are available from RS Components (or Electromail) in the UK.


I, too, will vouch for the Hawker Cyclon Cells - I've replaced the HP3421A battery with these (in the 3 pack) and it fits nicely!
The Cyclon cells seem to have good characteristics too and last long.

I've seen them at Batteries Plus+ though I suspect you can find better prices on the web...


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