Two versions of Advantage Pac?


I have two HP 5081-7285 Advantage Pacs, which are copyrighted 1985 (year of the Pac's introduction). A current eBay auction offers a Pac marked as HP 5061-7292 (C) Hewlett-Packard 1987:

So, was an updated/enhanced version sold in 1987? I saw no specific information in the MoHPC HP-41 page, the scanned manuals from MoHPC and TOS (both pre-1987), or Valentin's "Long Live the Advantage Pac".

Thanks to anyone who can enlighten us on this topic, which I'm sure has been raised sometime in the past.

-- KS

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Yes, there are two versions of the Advantage ROM, which can be identified with CAT 2:




Any idea how version B is better than A? What bugs should be aware in version A that may casue serious problems?



I think that bugs of version A are minor, I remember that one bug was related the HEXVIEW or HEXIN function.

Maybe somebody can remember more on this?



How does someone determine if an Addendum Card was issued for an HP-41 Applicatiion module?

How does someone determine if a later revision magnetic card has been issued for an HP-67 Application Pac?

Were these changes mentioned in either the HP newsletter or in Richard Nelson's PPC Calculator Journal at the time?

Those questions are probably not important to individuals who purchased those devices new and registered their purchase with HP. They are important to someone like me who only has used equipment.

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