An eBay "superdeal"?


An HP-41 Quad Memory module, available BIN-only for $50 (worth < $20), illegible photo, at (ahem) "Superdeals":

eBay non-auction

Sorry, but BIN-only non-auctions at greedy, stratospheric prices raise my hackles.

(No need to respond; this message will be deleted prior to archival, due to lack of enduring value.)

-- KS


Hi Karl,

more interesting may be the 'RARE HP 66' from the same seller,

which obviously is an HP-65 locked into the cradle;-)

BTW: QUAD Memory modules nearly always sell for more than $20...



Best regards from V.


I got my 82143 printer with original box, manual, dead battery, though missing QRG, from this guy for about 50 bucks, which made me happy, but he does tend to overcharge on shipping compared to my usual experience. He has an iffy feedback rating, but I thought I would take a gamble and am very pleased with the printer, though I did get the sense the seller wasn't one of the most available or straight up out there. He wouldn't be my first choice to buy from again, mostly because of the shipping issue--most reasonable parcels to Canada cost in the ballpark of $20US tops with Airmail Parcel Post. The superdeals seller told me that he outsources his shipping task and this adds a handling fee. I wasn't pleased, but I must admit I got the printer fast, it works well, looks good, and I consider this one of my more economical recent acquisitions.

But the lousy photograph flames my knickers. With point and shoot digital cameras, you can set the thing up in daylight to avoid flash glare, and zoom in really close and crisp. This is particularly important in calculator sales--I have learned the hard way that what one seller calls "normal wear" I call "calculator saw truck tire tread at some point" so I really like close ups and there is no excuse not to have them. Has anyone noticed how our infamous friend Cobubba NEVER posts a clear close up of anything????



You say:

"Sorry, but BIN-only non-auctions at greedy, stratospheric prices raise my hackles."

My reply:

How is that a "stratospheric" greedy price. If coburlin was selling it the price would be $350.00


I don't think there is anything wrong with this auction frankly. The price is high, but I don't typically criticize price. 5 bucks for shipping is high as seller will likely ship for less than a buck by first class, but shipping price is spelled out in advance.

People can spend money as they wish after all. I do agree that photo could be better, but seller seems to list a lot and it may be difficult to focus on a module.


I'm surprised there hasn't been more interest in the HP66. Zero bids? I don't get it.

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