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In the past month I recall reading an article by Prof. W. Kahan about errors of numeric integration that begins with a scenerio of a colleague bringing him a function to integrate with a calculator. It seems straight forward, he wonders if it is a trick, and of course it turns out to illustrate the limitations of all calculator algorithms when applied to misbehaving functions (misunderstood is probably a better word; they can be handled just fine after conditioning).

At least, I think that is an article I remember. Does anyone have the link?

I've poured over the MoHPC DVD as well as Prof. Kahan's website, and cannot find it.



Hi, Warren:

Best regards from V.

On the DVD, go to the main menu. The link to the article on the disk is labeled simply HP34C: August 1980, under the heading HP Journal Articles. The companion piece on the SOLVE function is at the link labeled HP34: December 1979.



Right under my nose! I'm losing it...

Thanks to you both.


It actually took a while for me to find it at first. Perhaps in feature versions of the DVD the link could be labeled "Kahan's HP34C INTEGRATE Article, August 1980".

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