82120A battery pack



My 41CV came with a 82120A rechargable batterypack. The cells have seen better days so I'd like to replace them.
Does anyone know how to open up this pack without too much damage? I tried prying open the seam but it doesn't wanna budge.


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There is a document on "TOS" describing how to refurbish the rechargable batterypack. I cut mine open with a knife, but now it has some cosmetic flaws.


Have a look at this link. It is very good and should explain everything. It may be easiest to buy the batteries from the author.



Hey Paul:

Do not split the case. Get a dremel drill and use the dics cutter adn trim off the back openings and pull the old batteries out the back, then push in AAA with tabs that are soldered together. snap the clips on the top Viola new battery pack. I have replacement batteries if you'd like. I'll fix it for you for $25.


NO! split the case carefully with a razor blade. replace the cell string, and glue the pack back together with superglue (I use IC2000 Tire Cement - rubberized black superglue).

It can be quite a chore to split the seam. I typically wind up using two or three blades and a hammer and safety glasses. A good job will draw minimal blood and look almost as good as new. I have done dozens of packs and have never had one come apart accidentally.

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