9114b Backup


How do I make backup of my diskettes (9114b)? Some program in DOS?


gileno wrote:

> How do I make backup of my diskettes (9114b)? Some program in DOS?

Its called LIFUTIL.EXE and is a DOS application



But it only works in old equipments :-(


gileno wrote:

> But it only works in old equipments :-(

Not true. I have used LIFUTIL on a fairly modern IBM (Lenovo now) laptop.

It will not work within a Windows NT/2K/XP DOS window, but it will work fine under either DOS or in a DOS window under Windows 95/98/ME



I use the ISA buss HP-IL card and the registered version of EMU[47]1. I copy the source disk file by file, either with my real 71B, or with EMU71, to an emulated 9114 floppy on the PC.



But it only works in old equipments :-( :-(


But it only works in old equipments :-( :-(

So what? You are working with old devices. Be grateful that there's a way to communicate with newer hardware.


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