HP-85 Emulator change request



Can I request the following change please (this is for either of the two great emualators, from Everett Kaser (http://www.kaser.com/hp85.html) or Olivier De Smett (http://olivier.2.smet.googlepages.com/hpseries80).

Please can you support a real HP-IB interface from the emulator? The benefits would be:

- Ease of using or copying files on actual HP disks.

- Can drive real applications that use HP-IB equipment.

I don't know how feasible this is, I assume you would have to effectively build a new device for the HP-85 that looked like an HP-IB module to the emulator which would then interface out to a driver for the PC's HP-IB device, or go via some other layer. I assume you would have to be familar with programming HP-IB under Windows.





I have two HP-IB boards, one ISA (spontaneously given by some people from Netherland from this forum, sorry I forgot who it was but thanks again), one PCMCIA, but didn't find the time to look at their use in the emulator (lacks of library, documentation, ...) till now.

I still want to integrate a card in my emulator because I have 2 HP-IB hard drive in functionnal state. For courageous people, the source of my emulator is available at : http://olivier.2.smet.googlepages.com/hpseries80



Thanks Olivier,

I'm sure several people on this forum would be willing to help with testing any new developments (I too have an ISA HP-IB card).



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