Automated Synchronization of HP 48GX/HP 50g Clock


I'm looking for some kind of not overly complicated means to synchronize the clock on an HP 48GX or HP 50g with an accurate time source that doesn't involve me pushing a button (reaction time = human error) to do so. I'm confident someone has already done this, but I haven't found any reports on such.

I'm a geomatics student looking to remove at least a portion of this kind of error from celestial observations. Although it would be pretty easy to use the TIME function to quantify my reaction time error, I'm looking into the possibility of removing some of it entirely.

Thanks for any leads. -John


The problem with the clock on the 50G is that there is NO WAY (apart from using HPGCC, and even then I am not sure) you can get it to the accuracy you'd like. This is due to emulation issues.

Essentially you can have skips of up to 2-3 seconds on occasion while running programs. Yup, not fun.


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