Single variable stats, user guide unclear page 18-2


Page 18-2 a little vague. A lot simpler to make vector a ROW vector than they do it. Just redimension to 12 by 1.

If you dig deep enough, it becomes evident that in the example to illustrate single variable stats the part-automatic generation of a vector has produced a ROW VECTOR. The language becomes vague, but it should be noted that the SDAT variable is looking for a COLUMN VECTOR. At the time of copying it to SDAT use the code (12 1 RDM) in RPN.


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hp 50



In the first paragraph of the "Entering Data" section (on page 18-1 of the HP-50G User's Guide), it indicates that you can "enter the data in columns using the matrix writer". This seems like the simplest, most straightforward way to do it.

After you finish entering data, and exit the matrix writer, the data will already be in the proper format (a single-column array). The only remaining step is to select STO-Sigma (to save the array into Sigma-DAT). Then you can run the statistics.

There are other ways to do it. For example, the User's Guide suggests that you could enter your data as a list, then convert the list into a single-column array. Or you could enter your data as a single-row array, then re-dimension it into a single-column array, as suggested above.

But if you use the matrix writer, you can enter the data directly into the single-column array format, with no conversions or redimensioning required.

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