Anyone heard anything new about the TI NSpire


Anyone heard or seen anything about the new (should be released this year ... and of course we are just in January) TI NSpire? I had heard it was released in Germany? Any German folks seen anything???



According to an official TI press release, the NSpire will be available in Switzerland in the second quarter of 2007. It seems that testers reported flaws in the usability of the product that were serious enough that TI postponed the introduction.




Thanks for the valuable information. I am planning to visit Zürich with my son in July/August and check out ETH university. My son is interested in doing graduate studies at ETH (in the field of astrophysics) I also want to check out the Odeon Cafe where Einstein (and many other famous people like Lenin and Trotsky) used to hangout.

I will check the calculators at the FNAC stores (and other department stores) to see if the new TI is being sold there.

Again, thanks for the info!




I work in Zurich, and some of my co-workers studied at ETH. It would be an opportunity to meet another HP calulator afficionado. What do you think? Note that Matthias Wehrli is located in Basel, only 1 hour from Zurich.

If you are interested send me a mail. I look forward to hear from you.

Best Regards,


Sure! I will email you for details.



I would like to join you if possible... maybe also in my "hall of fame"... Juergen doesn´t know it as well...
Just keep me updated.



Maybe you can meet us in Zurich? Would be very nice.



Not with the collection ;)
I´m shure, Juergen also would be interested...



I don't expect you to bring your fantastic collection with you!

Of course I would take the occasion to bring with me any goodies from the US and deliver them in person.


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