Death of a calculator! :-(


YouTube Link


It's amazing how TV channels have nothing else to show than this kinda crap...

Very representative of the level of creativity and the lack of models people can identify themselves.


Their I.Q. and their shoe size are one in the same.

The rap just adds the finishing touch to the whole mind numbing experience.


Don't rush into conclusions. It's not a priori a complete imbecile that we watch here. Maybe the kid is just one of these rare arithmetics prodigies who do not need a calculator since they outperform any of them and can handle problems a calculator cannot (like the person referred to in the manual to the HP 45). His motorical skills are below the normal standards I would say.


I felt sick watching that footage. Bleah!

Thinking about the cure we use to treat our calcs!

-- Antonio



I felt sick watching that footage.

Well, thinking of one or two Ti-30s (and especially a very expensive Jeppesen Pro-Star, manufactured by Ti) that I have owned and hated for their awful, awful, mega-awful keyboards I feel a certain satisfaction watching this video ;-)

Greetings, Max

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