48G+ Case Crunching


48G+ passes self-test including keys, but any key pressed along the mid-right side causes a creaking crunchy squeeking noise, reproduced by pressing on the top case there too. I don't see any cracks, but do note that that there is an stepped edge along the right side where the top case lip slightly overhangs the bottom side (or the bottom is squeezed in) although the plastics all seem fairly stiff and sturdy.

This isn't a huge bother, but slightly annoying, and I'd fix it if the fix were simple. I doubt machines came from the factory this way, but never know...

The calculator is new to me and otherwise has no signs of wear or abuse.

I read but did not completely understand http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/articles.cgi?read=125 "HP48 Disassembly," especially step 6 to separate the case halves. I surmise there are alignment tabs but don't how they are oriented or re-engaged.

Anything relatively non-destructive to try? Thanks!


Non destructive. I think not Warren. You must be living in a dream world. Sorry, thats just my bit of sarcasm to get me over the fact that I too, have to drill apart my unit for some major surgery. Sorry that i cant comfort you any more than that. I'm afraid its "the drill" for your unit too if you want to pry the halves apart.


PS If I succeed I'll let you know.


Hi Warren,

My 48G does the very same thing...I think it's just the way the
case is designed. In my opinion, it's certainly not worth
the risk of prying the case apart just to fix that.

Best regards, Hal



The creakiness, however, is normal. It simply has to do with the fact that the case is made of a hard yet flexible plastic. So don't open your calculator if that's the only reason to do so.

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