CMT-110 manual


Does anybody has a manual fir the CMT-110 Custom ROM Development Tool? There are switches inside for the EPROMS I would like to understand.



Yeah, I have it. Basically the switches are:

(1) 16K : Always set(up) for 2764 and 27128. Off for 27256.

(2) BS : Always set for 2764/27128. Set if 27256 is in BS mode only.

(3) B4 :

(4) B3 :

(3) and (4) select the port/s.

For 27256 BS mode, it's just the binary of the port number minus one (1,1 is port 4).

For 27256 non-BS mode (3)B4 off=1+2, on=3+4, (4)B3=dontcare. This setup uses two ports(4 pages).

For 27128 it works exactly like 27256-BS-mode. For 2764 it's a little goofy but works the same as 27128, the pages are mapped to the higher numbers.

The CMT-110-32K uses the same switch settings as the CMT-110-16K.

A remark from the CMT manual:

"If you execute CATALOG to view the contents of your 4K EPROM (with the "16K" switch in the "up" position), the entries will show double. This is normal, and should not be a cause for concern."

(I wouldn't consider this normal!)


Edited: 8 Jan 2007, 9:22 p.m.

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