menu customisation


Can someone help. I am writing a program and it would be greatly enhanced if I can do the menu keys like this.
How is the B.C. and STA keys done like this?


A quote from the users guide chapter 20:

Note: You can use a 21x8 GROB (See Chapter 22) to produce an icon in the soft menu keys. As an example, try, in RPN mode:

{{ GROB 21 8 00000EF908FFF900FFF9B3FFF9A2FFF9A3FFF9A0FFF388FF
"hp" }}

This will place the hp logo on key F1. Pressing F1 places the text "hp" in the command line.

So you can place any information you want on the menu label, given it fits the space.

The type of menu label in your example is used (or better: used to be used) in the old style solver application to denote variables.

Edited: 16 Jan 2007, 7:05 a.m.

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