Differences between Software Library Listings and MoHPC Scans


This is sort of an extension of an earlier thread, where I made the observation that some of the HP41 software library listings on the site seem different, sometimes considerably, from the listings in the scanned Users Library Solution books on the DVD.

James Summers pointed out that it seems, at least with the High Level Math Solution Book, that there may have been an earlier version of the book, without barcodes and with some different and often longer programs, from which Tony took the listings. I have the Chemistry and Physics books and it seems that the listings on this site are indeed at least slightly different than what is posted on the site, so I bet there were earlier versions of those books that Tony used too.

My question is this--I was wondering if anyone in possession of older editions of these HP41 User Library Solution Books could scan them and provide them to Dave for inclusion in the next incarnation of the DVD? That way, the many listings prepared by Tony would be properly matched to their original documentation. This seems to be far less work than the alternative--rekeying in and posting all of the affected programs to the website using listings from the revised editions of the solution books.

If anyone knows more about the revision history of these HP publications, and how one could get older versions of them, I would be very interested.



I'll scan my copy of the High Level Maths book (an Ebay purchase!) - I had hoped to do so at lunchtime today but our fancy copier / scanner at work was playing up!!



James, thanks for sharing those few pages (the Gaussian Quadrature routine) with me. The answer is clear now--in keying several program listings of interest to me and providing them to the site, Tony was definitely using different versions published by HP, presumably earlier ones, than what is on the DVD or at TOS. (I am guessing that the shorter programs with barcode are actually more recent, but I could be wrong.) I actually like the presumably older version of the program (the on on the website), even though it is a tad longer, but as register usage is different I really needed the documentation you shared to make sense of it.

I thank you again for your time and I would ask that any other Forum members who have earlier or alternate editions of the HP41 User Library Solution books to consider scanning them so Dave can consider their inclusion in the next version of the DVD. I presume that the permission that HP has extended to Dave to include material on the DVD would extend to those items too.



Here is a comparison of the High Level Math User Lib versions:

High Level Math:
1980 1982
Sin, Cos, exp integrals 81 77 (steps)
Eigenvalues/vectors 3rd order 179 280
Eigenvalues 3rd order 215 278
Chebyshev, etc.. Polynomials 201 201
16 points Gaussian Quadrature 115 101
Gamma Function 64 59
Bessel and Error functions 227 227
Char equation of 4x4 matrix 237 270
4x4 Matrix operations 408 427

1980 versions from personal french manual 00041-90243, Feb.80 (same program than MoHPC software lib)
1982 versions from english manual 00041-90083 Rev.D 11/82, from MoHPC DVD

Some programs are shorter in the latest version, a few are unchanged, but most are expanded, in this case, the operating mode changed, too. For instance, instead of storing directly matrix values into registers before running eigenvalue program, the new version includes a routine with a nice prompt message asking for each element. I guess that first versions were close translations of HP67 versions.

I could scan my French manual, but it may be more useful that someone does it with a English manual.


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