hp 48 goodies discs


I was looking for something else and found my old set of Joe Horn's 5 1/2" goodies discs, #s 1 through 9, for the hp48. The space shuttle may still use this format but i don't. Does anyone have the hardware to read these onto a cd for me? Be careful; there might be a few other people that want them too. This could get messy.


They are available here:





Also available here.



I have downloaded somewhere my set of 3.5" disks. And yes I do have the equipment to read the 5.25" disks. You can download another set from the 2 links above but I am willing to transfer your set to CD if you wish.

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Messers Barbosa, Dog, & Tran;

Thanks for the info and offer. I will download a modern format version of them now that you've shown me where.

Before i throw them away: Does anyone need a dozen 5 1/2" floppies?


Hi DB,
I would like to have them. I would make copies of them but would keep them intact and not using them as blank disks.


i can't contact you by email through the forum. email me with your address and i'll send them to you.

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