HP 86B vs 86A


I've been pulled into a production equipment survival situation with no HP 86 or Rocky Mountain Basic experience. We have an HP 86B computer running a program critical for our prodution environment until a replacement system is installed. Could someone enlighten me on the software/hardware differences between an 86A and an 86B.


I believe it had to do with RAM 64K or 128K, but I'm not positive.


I have both an 86A and 86B, externally the main
differences appear to be with the I/O. The 86A
has Centronics-type connectors for floppy drives
(a particular model drive was required, I think
it is a 9130 but I'm not positive), and for
a printer. The 86B has a single HP-IB port
(and, I assume, HP-IB support in ROM but I'm
not positive) for connecting to disk drives
and printers. Hope this helps.

Alex Knight

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