Calc fonts on Mac ?


Hello there,

I've tried the various fonts (proposed here in the forum) to be used on computers and supposed to reproduce calculator display.

Unfortunately, these font files are considered corrupted by the Font Book on my iMac Intel.

Can anybody help?

AtDhVaAnNkCsE (Thanks in advance... OK OK I won't do it again)

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No one??


I have an emac with Tiger 4.8.

In my font book I found the font "Synchro LET" that looks like a calculator font (with pixels and not segments). I don't remember if this is an original Mac font.

Are the fonts you tried ttf?

-- Antonio

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No one??

Could you please post a link to the font that does not work on your Mac? I will try it on one of my Macs (OS 7.5 ... 10.4.8) and maybe find out what the problem is?

If it is of the wrong format or just a plain bitmap, you may find a suitable conversion tool on Version Tracker ( ).

I found some calculator fonts on "Fontennium", but they are not very HP-like:

Greetings, Max


The excellent and very accurate fonts from Luiz C. Vieira (file luizfonts) lack the OS X minimum info to be managed by the "Livre des Polices". They are superb however on a Windows system.

On Tiger, you may use:

Hp-2143A Charset 4
Hp-82240 ECMA94 Charset
Hp-82240 ROMAN8 Charset
Hp Calc Kbd Prop
HP41 Display
HP41 Character Set Xtended
HP42SCharset 3
HP48 Font
HP71BCharset 1

However, I do not know to whom credit must be given for these fonts because the field "author" is empty.

These fonts will run on Tiger with the Livre des Polices 1.02.



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Bonjour Etienne,

where do I find these fonts you listed? I.e. where is the file luizfonts located? Are those fonts .ttf?



Hallo Walter,

The very nice fonts made by Luiz are indeed TTF and come with many explanatory documents showing how to use them to produce quality documents.

Luiz was very kind to make them available to the community on the HPCC website

They work perfectly on a PC Windows system.




Merci bien, Etienne! d:-)

Mais... you listed several key-fonts I don't find in the zipped file. In fact, there is only one covering HP10Bii, and nothing else d:-(

Presumably, I've overseen an important section. Sorry for asking for support once again.


Thanks Etienne but these are exactly the ones I can't to work on my iMac.


Hello Walter and Olivier,

Sorry but my first answer was quit confusing to everybody, so I'll elaborate a bit:

- The fonts from Luiz contained in the zip file do not work on my Panther and Tiger systems here.

- The other fonts listed in my mail are **¨different from Luiz's fonts** . They do work on my Tiger machines and I'll gladly send them to you.

My only issue is to identify authors of these fonts to check if they allowed them to be released.

Best regards.



These fonts were made available on the HHC conference CDs over the last couple of years.

However, be aware that between OSX on a mac (which is what I use most of the time) and a Windows XP box, the character mapping is not always the same.

If you have a set of characters in a windows document showing:

STO 8 x 3 =

It may not show up that way if opened in word on a mac.

You cannot take it for granted that it is the same on both.

Caused me no end of trouble when editing the 12c platinum manual.

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