KC-135 modules for HP-41


Can anybody tell me what are the KC-135 W&B1 and KC-135 W&B2 ROM modules. They behave like takeover ROMs but they are not. I was able to interrupt one and get the calc in the normal state. However some clever programming was done so that an average user can't exit the programs. ROMs are private, auto-start, and even take control of [ON][USER] [PRGM][ALPHA] keys. I have no documentation for them and have no idea what they are but it seems to me that it has to do something with flying since there is a mention of G-Force in one of the prompts.


Hi, Miki --

The KC-135 is an aircraft still used by the United States Air Force. Its basis is the same Boeing 367-80 platform that was developed for the Boeing 707 commercial aircraft. The KC-135 is configured for cargo (hence, the "C"), and modified to provide aerial refueling to other aircraft (hence, the "K").

I suspected that the HP-41 modules included programs that the flight crew would use to perform flight and loading calculations. Now, after seeing the post below and pictures, maybe only the loadmasters use it...

Here are a few links:

Wikipedia KC-135


Boeing KC-135

-- KS

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I beleive they were used by the plane LOADMASTERS to calculate the weight and balance (W&B) of the airplane (so they can load more efficiently). Weight and balance isn't that important on most planes, unless you want to survive landing. :-)

I have some pictures of a KC-10 Version under HP41c accessories here


Weight and balance isn't that important on most planes, unless you want to survive landing. :-)

... I concur ... and I would just also add ..." unless you also want to survive Take Off attempt "

Antoine M. Couëtte DC10-30 Pilot :-))


Too true - somewhere, I remember seeing a photo of a DC-10 freighter sitting with the tail on the ground and the nose way up in the air (possibly at Sydney airport). Apparently it was a problem with the sequence of unloading.

An aft CG problem in the air can be even more nasty!


--- Les



An aft CG problem in the air can be even more nasty!

That's an understatement :(

During my flight school days, our morbid translation of the event was:

Stall, spin, crash, burn, die.

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