48GX: ON stuck key


Hello friends,
I just received a really nice 48GX, I've put in 3AAAs and was welcomed by the familiar TTRM? message.
After trying both Y and N and hearing an unusual beep both times I found that the ON key is firmly stuck in the down position; no rattle, I am not good at pulling it out... looks glued down!

Any advice from you? I thought at trying Randy's water submerging trick but I can't think of a dried spill so firm :)



Is it so firm as to not click/push? The ON key is more recessed than the other keys and will look to be lower (ie pushed down) than the others due to a design feature (not being turn on accidently).

Just a quick comment before you try anything on an OK calculator.


Thanks for your input Ron but I own several 48s (S,SX,G,G+,GX) and, believe me, I know how the ON key appears and should work... :)

No, this one is depressed and firm. No way to lift it up and, BTW, makes the whole keyboard unresponsive, of course.


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Well, it turned out to be a mechanical problem.
At first I didn't notice that the lower left corner of the keyboard mask was slightly lifted; someone must have peeled it, who knows why, and as a result it was stuck against and over the ON key.

A little bending, whilst producing some embossing, cured the problem: the key is now free to go up and down.

Oh well... an almost mint item with a minor (now) defect.

Thanks for your time, fellows!


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