Hi, HP48 users! I appreciate it if someone could help me to convert a 86*64 GROB to 131*64 GROB .


Hi, HP48 users!

I appreciate it if someone could help me to convert
a 86*64 GROB to 131*64 GROB (I need the right space
to drew on it)

Best regards,

email: td@chem.ch.huji.ac.il


You can resize your Grob using Xnview on your PC. This is a free product that is great for converting almost any image file to almost any other type of image file. You can download it directly from hpcalc.org, or get an updated version directly from the author's webpage: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/pierre.g/





if I got you right,
the solution will be trivial.

Place the 86*64 GROB on stack level 1,
go into the Graph mode (cursor key left),
blank the area if there's something in.
move the crosshair to the upper left corner,
press the EDIT menu key, press the NXT key twice,
then press the REPL key.
After that, press the MARK key on the previous menu page.
then, move the crosshair to the lower right corner,
the display will shift up some pixel rows.
Then press SUB.
The result should be a 131*64 GROB on the stack,
containing your GROB data.

(hope it works, I only did it from memory)



It's even more trivial than that.
with the grob on the stack, do : PICT STO PICT RCL

Werner Huysegoms
-remove the x's from the email address-

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