RPN for Palm OS


I have been an avid HP user for many years (HP21, HP25, HP41C, HP71B, HP11C & HP85A). I had been using my HP11C for everyday business (engineering) use, but it is becoming quite worn. I like the shirt pocket size of the HP11C, and like many others am disappointed by HP's current offerings. I considered buying a used HP11C or HP15C machine on e-bay, but then started evaluating RPN offerings for Palm (which I also use for business). I evaluated several and then found MathU Pro from Creative Creek (www.creativecreek.com). I like it very much, especially the keyboard layout (very HP like) and the programming functionality and features. Might be worth a look!


Wow! Thanks! I dread using that stupid calculator on the Palm!


You can assign the RPN calculator as the default calculator in the preferences portion of the main menu. Forget the Palm standard calculator!


a guy in the coffee shop showed me his palm (don't know what model). he had about 5 rpn's on it. something like a 12c, an ersatz 25c, a conversion calculator, and a couple of others. not bad but the keys were kind of flat :-) sorry but i didn't catch the name of the software.


I prefer RPN 2.56. It is shareware with a very low cost. The keys are flat, but it has plenty of features and new commands can be added quite easily.


I also tried RPN 2.56 but prefer the 'HP look' of MathU Pro. Thanks for your feedback.

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