Kahan's "weird" integral revisited


Just to let you know that the otherwise much maligned TI83 Plus gives for Kahan's famous integral 10 good digits in under a minute for the original form of the integrand, and does the same thing much faster (a few seconds) if the x = w^2 substitution is used.

I might not like the look and feel for the calc, but I have to give it its due here. Even the 49G+ and 33S, which are supposed to have the advantage of modernity and speed, take a few minutes to give, say, 8 digits.

Just thought I would share that, if only to distance ourselves a little more from all of the heated stuff regarding buying and selling, etc.



HP's SOLVE is still based on the old HP-34C SOLVE that Kahan was behind. TI uses newer (and better) algorithms.

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