Updated Calculator Reference Page and HP Packaging


Happy new year!
I have updated enterhp.com with a large (but still incomplete) catalog of some of the more popular HP accessories for the HP41C/V/X HP71b and 48sx/gx. At the bottom of the page you will find a series of packaging designs from HP. Most are after 1980- for obvious reasons :-) These remind me of the good old days. More Pics to come in the coming weeks.

Edited: 1 Jan 2007, 7:25 p.m.


What a lovely sight :)
Boxes are/were so much better than todays horrible and almost impossible to get into moulded plastic.


Anon wrote: "Boxes are/were so much better than todays horrible and almost impossible to get into moulded plastic."

Gene; Ah, but that's the point. Big retailers drive a lot of this for several reasons.

1. It's harder to steal out of those death-trap plastic packages. Boxes can be opened and resealed without the contents.

2. The plastic often takes up less cubic space on a peg. Less space = more products on the peg = less costs for retailers to restock the pegs.

A shame, but it's the way of life these days in many instances.


That's a photo spread guaranteed to stir envy in the soul of most HP calculator geeks on the planet! (At least, it does so for this geek.)

One nit to pick: your copyright notices are all missing a "t" in the site name.


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