Reading barcode in MoHPC DVD Scans


I have my eyes peeled for an HP41 barcode wand and I was wondering if anyone has had success reading barcode from scanned materials on the CDs/DVDs. There seems to be artifact in most scans, but is enough integrity present in the barcode to effect a reliable scan?



It probably varies from one scan to the next, as many different people contributed scans made on different scanners at different resolutions. My own personal experience taught me that the printer used makes a big difference, too. I got much better results reading barcodes that were printed on laser printers than ones printed on inkjet printers.

Unfortunately, it's been a few years since I last tried this so I don't remember which barcodes I printed and read successfully.


Thanks Wayne. I have a laser printer. I am interested in barcodes in the HP41 High Level Math book.

Any other takers for this question? There must be someone else out there with a wand and the DVD who has tried this recently....


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