Get a life


I thought this would be an interesting forum on HP calculators - how to use them - tips and techniques.

Instead I see half of the posts are criticisms of Ebay sellers or their products.


I'll stick to the Gmail forum.


It isn't usually like this.

be patient and you'll find good stuff.

Or search the archives, and read the "Articles" section.

You can search on the following users and find great stuff (not a comprehensive list):

Karl Schneider
Bruce Horrocks
Bill (Smithville)
Norm ( go way back a few years--or 'Capt. Zener')
Lion (or 'RL')
Ron Ross

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I would like to add to the list:

tony-nz (knows a scary amount about 12C and 12CP)
Katie Wasserman (especially when it comes to financial calculating, vintage calculators of any stripe, and the vicissitudes of rechargeable batteries)
Palmer Hanson and Gene (open minded sorts who admire both HP and select TI models, and have helped to open my mind too!)
Namir Shammas (yes the very fellow who in this thread asks what you wish to contribute yourself. Namir is a legend, and I believe that back in the 1980s, the heydey of the HP41, he contributed more programs to the users' library than any single other contributor. Incredibly wise fellow!)
Thomas Okken (the developer of Free42, just about the most amazing emulator/simulator out there, in my effusive opinion!)
Eric Smith (developer of Nonpareil, another excellent emulator)

and of course there are probably many others who should be acknowledged and are possibly a tad hurt not to be included! The point is a lot of good people contribute great stuff around here.

You will read some strong words about some eBay sellers, and I believe with the justification that comes in some cases from hard experience. Coburlin is one name that is the stuff of infamy around here--for example in the recent HP10 sale we think it is ludicrous for him to claim lack of expertise when it comes to testing the printer when he makes dozens if not hundreds of calculator related sales each year. Hudendai is a little overpriced for my taste BUT he seems to be honest, has contributed to the forum at times his own perspective, and recently seems to have put some of his prices more in line with what the market will support. As for the recent debate on the 32s that needs a bit of a squeeze to work, I am just grateful the fellow candidly discloses the limitations of the article. I have bought a couple of things advertised as "light wear" and get the calc and it practically needs a fumigation!

A recent contributor has stirred up some acrimony around here. At first I thought he was making a some good points, but I am growing concerned now he may actually be a bit of troll. This business about the correct use of the word "lot" is basically picking mouse poop out of pepper. In fairness, the seller has responded by making recent ads more clear, even though some of his prices seem on the high side.

You will go where you need to go, but I can agree with bill that it really isn't usually like this. Amazing what sort of silliness can ensue when we take the bait of just one troll--goodness knows I have fallen into that trap myself!

happy calculating!


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Wise words, mates!

Thank you for your balance.

All the best for the New Year !!!



Thank you Les for your very kind words.

<takes a bow>



Hi Les,

{blushing) How did I leave those characters out?!

And add Paul("Mr. Pioneer")Brogger, Vassilis, Christoph Geisselink, Hrastprogrammer, Raymond Del Tondo, Ángel, Tony Duell, Larry, Massimo, Marx, Eddie Shore, Etienne, Matthias, Gordon Dyer, Michel, Trent, Renato, Ellis, db,Terry Ingram, Juan_J, Scuba Diver, Michel Beaulieu, Holger, Masao, Nenad, . ("formerly known as dot), mapet, Emmanuel, Jürgen, John Cadick, Christoph Klug, Bruce Maguire, Monte, Daniel Diggleman, Fred Lusk, J-F Garnier, Garth Wilson, Ex-PPC, Nelson Sicuro, Dave Shaffer, Ernie Malaga, Ed Look...

And many many more,

And of course Dave:-)



how about listing those who are not worth mentioning?

Maybe an easier task ?! ;-D)

Best regards.



Hi Bill,

How did I leave those characters out?!

You didn't: you said that was not a comprehensive list. Anyway, frequent and recent posters tend to be more easily remembered (that explains my name being remembered despite my small contributions so far :-).

Other names we shouldn't forget are
Andrés C. Rodríguez,
Antonio Maschio,
Arnaud Amiel,
GE (France),
Howard Owen,
Hugh Steers,
Jeff O.,
Jordi Hidalgo,
Les Bell,
Marcus von Cube,
Paul Dale,
Rodger Rosenbaum, and
Viktor Toth (in alphabetical order) and others... and, needless to say, yourself, Namir Shammas and Les Wright!

Best regards,


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I haven't heard from Jordi Hidalgo in a while, but when he wrote the Datafile review of the 33s he made contact with me and included a little observation I'd made into his article (with a citation) and that was fun.



Come on.

But there are others here who have offered great information on HP calculators and their use.

I hope, Bern, you can stay and contribute, just as all these others have...

... very importantly, as with me, enjoy!!


Thanks for the mention, but actually, I think that nearly all of the regulars make valuable contributions. I regard even just asking a question, as long as it's relevant to HP calculators, as a worthwhile contribution.

To be sure, I'm not very interested in posts about eBay, but the solution is very simple; I don't usually read posts about things that I'm not interested in.



Buying HP calculators is also important for forum members. Discussing problems with buying HP calculators comes with the territory.

What do you have to share with the rest of us???



I buy HP calculators from eBay and I get valuable information from this forum. It might get a bit heated up once in a while but that is life. Now, if you already own all the calculators you want and the eBay topic is not important/boring for you, there is plenty of other stuff you might be interested in if you just scroll down the "HP Forum". One more thing, instead of just whining, why don't you try posting something "interesting".

Regards, Thor.



as contributors yourselves, you both, Bill Platt and Les Wright, should add your own names to the lists, along with many others, as already mentioned. If we take the earlier, first posts back in the beginning of the forum activities, we'll find names that no longer show themselves.

About subjects: some drift over the usual subjects has been observed, and all I do is to wait for a chance to add some significant contribution. otherwise, I just read and reason about. I actually have no clues about old units' prices and e-bay procedures, but I have no complaints about them happening here. Most of the subjects I like sometimes happen to appear and it's worth waiting for them to show off.

My 2¢ (maybe just 1¢)


Luiz (Brazil)

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