OK, so what *IS* the recommended battery repair?


OK, with all the traffic about replacing/rebuilding 41C/CV/CX rechargeable batteries, what is the conclusion?

Where should I go to get a replacement (or rebuild) for my dead 41CX rechargeable pack? Is NiMH OK, and who is doing those?

Tom Wade


I have a 41-CX and a 41C.

Specifically, where would you purchase a replacement NiMH, rebuilt battery pack for these units?

Where would you send a dead rechargeable pack to have new cells installed?




Unless you can't load a standard set of use-'em-once N cells, it hardly seems sensible to me to bother using anything else (i.e. buying the relatively EXPENSIVE NiMH cells). I get years and years on one set of non-rechargable batteries, and they are available (almost) anywhere in the world. The last set I needed, I bought in Holland.


n's are expensive as hell in ecuador. btw; these guys probably use a card reader. thoes babies really use up batteries.



I'm in the same boat, as I need to replace mine also. International Calculator (Orlando Florida) -does sell rebuilt packs, using what they tell me is actually a physically smaller cell than what is in there originally, with what I was also told "good results". IC was subject of a previous thread on this site as to their competency and I think their phone number is also somewhere here. They do want your old pack for a core to use or they charge considerably more. Rebuilt packs I think were $50.00 or $70.00 without the core, but I’m guessing now.

Hope that helps

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