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Hope you all had a good Christmas.

The holiday season has given me a chance to catch up with some of the small jobs I'd been putting off for a while, one of the being to sort out the display on my HP33C with has reverted to using a dot instead of a comma. This is probably because the solder bridge I used to make the required link wasn't very robust and has, I think, broken.

Before I replace it with a more permanent connection I'd like to double check where it should go. The web site where I found the original image that illustrated where the jumper was needed has disappeared - does any one have a close up picture (or diagram) showing where the link should go?


Mike T.


Found (almost) what I was looking for here (I knew I'd seen it somewhere on this site) - except that I put my new link on the other side of the board as it was easier to get to.

I need a smaller soldering iron - the image doesn't give a true idea of just how small those connector pads are!

Mike T.

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Hello Mike,

Glad to hear from you!

I wish you a Happy New Year 2007!!

Here is what you seek:

You'll find the specific link to the Dot/Comma link bridge: there.

and the homepage of my site here.

You'll find there the repair info I've tried to set up for my french (and then foreign) friends.

Sorry for the ugly formatting but I have no competence in web design and will try to move the info to the Hpmuseum articles if adequate.

Please feel free to email me for any question.

Best regards


Edited: 28 Dec 2006, 6:19 p.m.


Thanks - nice clear pics.

Mike T.

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