coburlin: What do you want to bet the printer doesn't work?


coburlin says "I do not have expertise to test it further. Guaranteed to power up only as described but it is being sold as-is condition. "

How much expertise do you need to print on these.

I bet he tested it, found it didn't work and then put the "I can't test it" bogus disclaimer. Of course, since he says his 97 aren't printing "because it's out of ink", might mean his expereise is quite limited.

All for the bargain price of $975.

HP-10 Calculator

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Hi Mike,

for *that* amount of money I'd expect a fully tested and working unit,

even if it's a HP-10 ;-)

BTW: The seller writes '..the original battery pack [is] intact..'

when the unit only shows the dot line,

which means that the unit receives too less power,

apparently due to a dead (or at least discharged) battery pack...




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Oh the double talk in his drives me nuts!!
You can't guarantee something in one sentance, and then declare "all sales are final" in the next. If there's a guarantee, the sale is contingent on the item meeting that guaranteed is not final in any way until the customer is satisfied.

With this kind of mealy mouthed language built into his auctions, it's no wonder nobody buys his stuff.



Hey, I noticed something. In the eBay listing for the HP-10, it says: "Also includes CD in PDF format of complete HP-10 Owner's Handbook, which is easy to view and to printout hardcopy to use".

Where did Coburlin get a copy of the owner's handbook in PDF? Could it be copied from the HP Calculator Museum's CDs?

I'm just speculating. Does HP have PDF copies of old owner manuals on their site?



"Also includes CD in PDF format of complete HP-10 Owner's Handbook, which is easy to view and to printout hardcopy to use".

What the heck is a "CD in PDF format"?

It's probably the file from the MoHPC set (file "HP10.PDF"). If he purchased an individual copy of CD #1 just for inclusion in the package, it should be OK. If he bought just one copy of the CD set and then copies individual files as needed to his own blank CD for the package, then it's not OK -- unauthorized redistribution.

-- KS


It does have the box. I have seen empty HP-10 boxes sell for $750.


I remember the $750 box but to be fair, it also was advertized to have a mint HP-10 also, that turned out to be junk (badly corroded). I doubt a box alone would sell for $750.

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Yes, a bare box sold for $750. It did have a manual with it (but was not mentioned). Both were in rather nice shape. I sold the buyer a rather nice HP-10 to go in it for considerably less.


Isn't everyone over Coburlin yet. I think everyone who visits this web site knows by now that he rips off people BIG TIME. Anyone with any brains wouldn't buy his stuff at his over-inflated prices. And just to add my 2 cents, newbee's want to to sell HP calc's they should just advertise on this site and leave Ebay alone. If you want to sell to the experts, sell on their site, don't give us a link to yours.
I gave Ebay the flick along time ago and cant be bothered anymore. I'm a HP fanatic like everyone else here and cant be bothered wasting anymore time on Coburlin and Ebay. Thats my new years resolution. Sorry people. I've got better things to read on this site than ponder over Coburlins attempts to get at my wallet.

To leave on a brighter note, merry belated Xmas and a happy new year to all.

Keep it going David Hicks :)



Because, for no other reason, all you have to do is search for items he is bidding on. That way, you can find unusual things and save a lot of searching. Leverage off of him for a change.

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I wish it was that easy. I've stopped buying on ebay long time ago.
Thanks for the advice anyway


PS sorry for the late reply. Been away.


Because, for no other reason, all you have to do is search for items he is bidding on. That way, you can find unusual things and save a lot of searching.

Can you clarify how to search for items someone is bidding on? AFAIK eBay is moving to hide bidders ids from anyone other than the buyer or seller.




Go to the eBay main page, select "Advanced Search" and then "Items by Bidder" enter the bidder you are interested in and check if you want to include completed listing, eBay will ask you for your user ID and password and that is it.

Regards, Thor


I, too, have had the same problem that John had, doing ebay searches by bidder. When I follow your instructions, Thor, and go to the "Advanced Search" page, I don't find any "Items by bidder" option, either in check boxes or drop-down lists.

Could you be more specific about where on the page this option is found?



Does this link work for you?



Yes! Thank You!

I found my problem. I was not looking in the list of options on the left side of the page; I was just looking at the check boxes and pull-down lists in the main part of the page.

And I thought I was looking sooo carefully...

Thanks again.


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