HP-41: Automatic copy of several programs from a module


This is what I want to achieve:

In a program, copy 5 programs from ROM to RAM.

How do I do this the best way?



the hard (but maybe easier) way would be to write a ML function

which calls COPY (with suitable params) and then the packing routine.

Then call these functions from within your program.

Best would be if your calling program resides in ROM,

to minimze program pointer conflicts;-)

Of course your program has to save the current PC before the COPY operations,

and restore it afterwards.




No easier way (synthetics)?

I didn't find any pack-program in the PPC. It would be nice to do something like this, though:

... etc.

But not possible :(



I'm afraid Synthetic programming won't help here.

However I'm planning s.t. like this in ML for the next OS/X plug-in;-)

Meanwhile, you could also try to simulate the functionality if you have a CCD module.

The CCD module offers functions to write (program name) strings into any register,

and has the ability to jump to every ROM location...



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