Merry Xmas to me!


I think I have finally joined the ranks of the true collector with this acquisition:

HP65 for Xmas

If the card reader works it is likely to croak any time now so that will need a fix unless it has been rebuilt. I did not skimp on my bidding since cosmetically it looks pretty good (the persistence of the silver trim after all these years is a good sign) and it is in its original famous case with all sorts of goodies, some even unopened. I think for a collector's item the final price isn't horrible--I have seen much higher at times--but I am sure that won't stop some of you from boasting about your great "steals"--e.g., working 9810 for 8 bucks at a garage sale, etc....

Merry Xmas to me. And to the rest of you, of course!!!




Be sure to try mastering the "Ping Pong" game for the HP65. I still haven't. :-)



That's not at all a bad price for all of that. Congratulations.

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