Can anyone help me fix my HP 41CV?


I have recently acquired an HP 41CV which I found amongst a bunch of old army equipment purchased at a gov't auction. The calculator is in phenomenal condition, except for the battery compartment, where there had apparently been battery leakage, as there is some pretty severe corrosion of the contacts. I have tried putting some batteries in it, and it would not turn on, so I assume I need to fix the contacts. I know virtually nothing about these calculators, or calculator repair, and I would greatly appreciate it if someone could post something to help me.\ Thanks.


If it is fixable, Randy at will work a miracle for you. He did for me.

Pros: Excellent, thorough, painstakingly careful restoration. My old 41CV was destined for the recycle bin, but it is now good as new. Rates also very reasonable--for US customers his flat rate is $79 and that usually does the trick for most work. If not, he will let you know.

Con (if you can call it that): Randy is so good that he always runs a little bit of a backlog, so much so that he has joked with me about proposed repairs that he doesn't need any more business ;) However if you can wait for a few weeks for turn around, you should find it worth it.

If you don't know much about calculator repair I wouldn't attempt the repair yourself, especially if there has been battery leakage.


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