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I just got me a nice HP 16C,but when I turn it on,it is on Hex mode,I tried switching to DEC or other system but it always goes back to hexadecimal.Is this normal?How can I fix that or how can I perform a reset? Thanks for your help.


What key sequence did you use for changing base mode? A single press on (DEC) key should change AND keep decimal mode (single 'd' at the right corner of the display). I have not seen this kind of situation before; base mode is one of the status that it kept by continuous memory.

To perform a reset, try:

press (ON) and keep it (use your left-thumb)
press (-) and keep it (use your spare thumb)
release (ON)
release (-)

A Pr Error message should appear.


Thanks Luiz,I was trying to change the base mode by keying "f" and then "DEC".I reset it anyway and is working fine. Thanks again.


Jorge, f HEX, f DEC, f OCT and f BIN are intended as momentary changes to the radix of the number stored in X. After a short pause, the display will revert to the radix you're working with. The shift legend says "SHOW" as in "momentarily show me X in a different radix to the one I have selected".



As I have been workimg with HewPack calculators for some time, if you need something that can be achieved by e-way, be my guest e-mailling me. I´ll be ready at weekends.

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