Non responding keys on HP48SX


Does anyone know how to make keys work that seem to stick. I have a machine where the on/attn key works only once in a while. It drives me nuts! Help!


I had a problem like that with a 42s and i took it to the service station and blew out the buttons with the compressor. Works great up till now.


Choose your compressor wisely... some will blow oil with the air, others will blow water... usually very dirty water. Try canned dusting gas first... it is not as high pressure but just may work. If the key contacts are dirty then (it sounds like this may be the problem) then you have a much more difficult problem on your hands.


If using a compressor is the only way out (besides oppening the calculator and feel in pain for that), try removing the batteries cover, the batteries themselves and blewing by the batteries holder CAREFULLY. There is a small square hole, botton right, headding the ON/ATTN key, that is the one that does not work. MAYBE this is harmless...


I have tried the canned compressed air through the little hole in the battery compartment and also on the on/attn key itself. So far it has not seemed to help. Any more suggestions?


Previous HP models (41, 10 Series, etc) were by far easier to open than the 48 (Sturn series, also). They would also allow kind of a cleanning on keys' contacts. I myself have never opened any 48, but I have heard and read a lot about this adventure. As I do not know does it look like the 48's guts, I'm not sure how can I help any longer.

Hope you have success.

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