NEW, never opened HP 65 for sale on ebay


Pretty exciting!! :-))


Jeez, you nearly gave me a coronary there--

I am glad it wasn't the real thing to tempt me! I have recently acquired a 45, 33C, and 97, plus I have resurrected my old TI57, so I definitely have the LED bug. Unfortunately, I am not a frugal eBayer so my credit card is groaning! But I am happy--better than spending my midlife crisis on women half my age, liquor, sports cars, and online poker....



I wouldn't have included sports cars in the list.


I wouldn't have included women half my age... or less (>= 18, of course).


I hear ya. I was reminiscing about the HP25 I had 30 (eek!) years ago and suddenly got the collecting bug as well. Probably I've inadvertently emptied your wallet a bit faster by bidding against you the last while...

BTW I'm hunting for any women half my age who like old calculators...

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Pretty pathetic !

Best regards from V.


Well, that's not fair: when I first read your post, I was ready to sell my wife, my cat and maybe also my mother to get it...

Now I'm stuck with all three of them! And no HP65 coming.



This is not as bad as a recent eBay auction where the title states the auction is selling an HP-48GX, the intro text mentions selling an HP-48SX, and the product information talks about the virtues of the HP-48G+ being sold in the auction!!! I wrote the seller asking him which model he was actually selling!! Auctions with typos like these give the impression of the sloppiness of the seller.



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OK, nut, we all know your hobby now. You are allowed to stop it. Thanks!


LOL, this was a good one.

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