HP 49G Display malfunction


Hi, I would like some help since HP does not provide me with a real response. A couple days ago I found that my HP was not working properly; the upper line in the display shows permanently the R-Shift, the alpha, the transmiting, the busy and the comm with external signs, all in black. When I press the R-Shift all those signs turn blue, and as I press again to disengage the R-Shift they all turn to black again. With the alpha sign the situation is similar, but in this case the R-Shift does not turn blue, (or it turn just a bit).
I tried the 1.18 upgrade, I tried the reset, I tried HP.com, I visited a couple of forums and I could not solve this problem. I hope I explained myself clearly in my rusty english. Thank You.


It is always possible that your 49g may be on the way to dying.

Sadly, electronics do that from time to time.

Had a laptop, brand new one, smoke on me the other day. Display backlight burned out. Now in the old days, things just didn't do that! :-)

So, your options are these given the fact that the 49g is out of warranty:

1) Live with the line of annunciators looking black


2) Throw away the 49g and buy a new 50g.



The problem is typically caused by:

1) A defective LCD (~80% chance)

2) A mis-aligned LCD to logic board connection (~20% chance)

IMO, replacement is probably your best option.

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