Problems with my HP-49G


Hi everyone,

I have a HP-49G with some problems. I bought it used a week ago, and I noticed quite immediately that getting into FILES/port 2 (flash) showed a lot of... rubbish: lot of files, undeletable, marked EXTERNAL and with names consisting in chaotic and random characters, quite a binary output.

The vendor, a very fine and kind person, suggested me to update the ROM to 1.19-6 (the machine had the 1.18 ROM), and so I did, but the problem persists.

So this guy suggested me to write to the comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup, but THIS is my main Forum about HP calculators, so here I am...

Any ideas? Is the FLASH corrupted? Should I call on for a substitution? (no problems, on this side) Or is there some **total reset** procedure that can resolve?

Any help is **very** appreciated!

-- Antonio

Edited: 12 Dec 2006, 6:26 a.m.



The PINIT command was the matter.

-- Antonio

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