last args 50g


Anyone know how to recall the last args on the 50g? On my 48g, you just use the arg button, but it doesn't work on the 50g. I already checked flag 55, save last args. I can't even find the word args or flag 55 in the users guide.



Press the LeftShift ANS key (above ENTER).

As a command, you can use LASTARG, or, for compatibility with the 28 series, LAST.

As in previous models, clearing flag -55 enables last arguments, and setting flag -55 disables last arguments.



Geeez! You must be on here like 24/7! I don't think I've had any questions go unanswered for more than an hour, even at 1 in the morning! Well I sure appreciate all the great help!

Thanks very much!

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