Need HP 92 calculator


Hello my name is Marco,
My uncle used a HP 92 calculator for 25 years.
6 Months ago the calculator was broken down. So for
christmas I will try to get a new one for him. Does
anybody knows where I can still get such a machine?


I think the 92 is extremely rare in the used market. Of course, the 97 is the most common one and HP may sell fewer 91 than the 92 but the problem of getting the 92 now is that people who has the 92 would never get tired of them. They would continue using it until it's dead.


You may not have luck finding another one, but will fix Topcats, of which the 92 is one. Won't be done for a few weeks, and a standard Topcat repair is one of Randy's more expensive jobs, but by golly if that 92 is fixable Randy will renew it for you beyond yours and your uncle's expectations. But not in time for Xmas, alas!

Good luck!


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