hp 20s English Ver. Manual


Dear All,
I buy a new hp 20s form e-bay,but it is without a user manual and case.
I go to hp web-site.I can download the hp 20s manual(Spanish Ver.),but I can't find the English Ver. Why? Anyone can tell me how to find the English Ver. and download it.Thank you very much.


Invest in the MoHPC DVD and support the fine work of the site,s curator. Like you, I just wanted one manual (I got a 15C I didn't know how to use). However, I splureged on the DVD and couldn't be more delighted.

If you want just the disc with your manual (I think it is CD 10) you can get that for considerably less.

This Forum tends not to advocate the free exchange, downloading, or reproduction of these manuals. Mr. Hick's compiles and sells this material to us having obtained all of the appropriate copyright permissions, and he does it at considerable investment of his personal time. The price charged is more than fair, well worth it, and we recommend that any HP collector seeking a manual invest in it.



While Les made excellent points, you can buy a hardcopy original manual from Samson Cables (not sure exact web address, google will give that to you). It will cost more than the single CD from Dave though.

Another cheaper way out is to download the Hp21s manual which is out on the web somewhere. It is very similar to the Hp20s manual as the two calculators were very similar. They were alike in their programming, just not alike in some minor features or their 3 built in libraries.


Dear All,
Thank you for your information . I will consider it.


I have an extra HP-20s manual, english version, still in the shrink-wrap and never opened. It came extra with an auction I won earlier in the year. If you're interested in it, I'll send it to you USPS PM for $20. I know I shouldn't be offering this here, but it seemed appropriate for the topic. Anyhow, if you're interested, just shoot me a note at bruceb at fatcity.com.



Dear Bruce,
Thank you for your kind,but I already got the hp20s(Spanish Ver.)manual.I can understand that how to use it ,because I don't need the program .


Lol! Um, okay. Somehow I got the impression you wanted the english version of the manual (probably from your first message), hence why I offered. I'm a little confused, but whatever; as long as you're happy.



www.calcpro.com has many HP calculator manuals. I have dealt with its manager, Paul Nelson, for many years. Another place you may want to check is www.internationalcalculator.com or www.intlcalc.com
I have also dealt with its manager, Don O'Rourke, for many years.
Good Luck!


Dear Sir, Thank you for your information


You are welcome.

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