HP15C Decimal looks like a comma


Does anyone know how to get the decimal point on my HP15C to look like a decimal point. Right now it looks like a comma?


Turn it off.

Hold down the decimal point key.

Keep holding it down....

Now, turn the 15c on.

You can release the decimal point key now :-)


Tony, you da man !


Tony, I got another one for you.
Do you know how I get rid of the little letter 'c' in the lower right hand corner of my display ?


That little "C" means that the calculator is in "Complex" mode.

To get it back to normal (i.e., "Real" mode), type [g] [CF] [8].

(The "CF" is the blue command on the lower end of the [5] key.)

- Thomas


Tony, you da man ! Thanks D

Many of us could have answered that -- it's probably the #1 FAQ. We all da men!

The keystroke sequence for changing the radix is clever -- accessible, and intuitive once you know it, yet doesn't take a precious keyboard position on the faceplate. Most users will "set and forget" the radix unless it gets reset by some means. Earlier models (Spice, e.g. HP-34C) required the positioning of an internal jumper; later models made it a programmable command (Pioneer, e.g., HP-20S) labeled on the front.

As for your other question, Flag 8 set (Complex mode) is one of the few things that are unintuitive about the HP-15C. You can remember it as one of the two "system" flags, which are the highest-numbered of the 10-member set 0-9. Flag 9 makes the display blink; it is automatically set by an overflow condition.

-- KS


That did it...thanks again.
See what happens when I let my 5 yr old play with my calculator.
I am back in business

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