HP 21S (stat/math) Owners Manual


I was reading back through the archives and came across the absence of a 21S Stats Owners Manual around here. A few years ago I purchased a new boxed 21S with manual off ebay (I think for around $30). Didn't realize they were a fairly rare calculator, and a little lucky on the price I guess (my 42S was only $102. Patience pays off). Anyway, is there still a need for scans of the manual? It's 160 pages and would take awhile to scan, but I could do it this winter. It also comes with a tri-fold Quick Reference Guide, which is about all one needs to use the stat features.


Hi Chuck,

Perhaps you don't have the latest version of DVD or CD set. A scan of the 21S manual is on CD 10 and the latest DVD for sale on this site


By jove, you're right. Guess I need to look around a bit more. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :)

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