What is wrong with this picture?


Hi, all;

maybe you'll find one big weird mistake. Or so too many you cannot count... Let me know. In thime: the photo was not edited by any means, it is even a bit dark as it was taken at night.

Click to enlarge

Reference: Sippl, Charles J.Calculator Users Guide and Dictionary. Matrix Publishers, IL, USA. First edition, 1976. 428 p.

I saw it since the very day I got the book (more than a year...), but I finaly took the time to share it now.

...ti ekil uoy epoH

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 3 Dec 2006, 10:47 p.m.


Maybe those who don't like the small "enter" button on the 33S would rather have the large "RETNE" button on this one instead!


Actually, I would like to have the Enter key on the right side.




Do you mean the fact that the photo should look like this instead?

Couldn't resist. 8)


I refer to the time to cut, paste, inverse, save resulting picture in a valid provider and answer... Oh, yeap! And also having the inspiration to do so, of course...


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 3 Dec 2006, 11:13 p.m. after one or more responses were posted


Shucks, it's just another job for the GIMP. 8)

That really is great software. Now available for Windblows, too.




The guy holding the calculator in this second photo could use a good manicure. I wonder how he avoids missed and erroneous keypad entries.



Perhaps he should be using a La Femme calculator, it's specifically designed to avoid that problem. It has a mirror on the back too!


Thanks for that Katie. Does it REALLY have a mirror on the back?



Perhaps he should be using a La Femme calculator, it's specifically designed to avoid that problem.

Holey socks, that has to be the worst numeric pad layout I've ever seen.

I had to stare at it for a minute to realize that all the digits were really there. The vertical lines are so strong that I kept finding myself going "0,3,7,1,... what? Is this a puzzle? Am I supposed to shuffle these buttons around until they're in the right place?"

I'll bet real money that not a single woman was involved in the design of this monstrosity. it's the kind of thing that seems to made for ladies of the feminine gender by idiots of the male gender.

Mirror on the back. Pff.


If he were a classical guitarist, as I am, that would explain the right hand. But the left hand nails need to be short in that case.



Common failure in printing.

Photo's with Dutch windmills rotating clockwise (seen from the front) are countless.

I don't refer to the ugly, 3 bladed monsters of today (that *are* rotating clockwise), but the beautiful hand made ones from the old days that the miller made his home. These ones rotate ccw, always.

Well, when there's enough wind, that is.

I'm always amazed to see that a print seems to be unread when finished.


You think modern wind turbines are ugly?



Now, next question:

Do you support or oppose the erection of these wind turbines, on account of their aesthetics?


Only in large quantities, off Cape Cod :^)


Hahaha you read my mind!

I live on Long Island Sound and I have been quite bemused by the huige outcry in Shamtucket over the proposal to put seaborne wind turbines up.

In Rostock Germany, and in Pubnico, Nova Scotia, I've seen no such widespread resistance. In fact the ones in Pubnico are quite graceful I think.

And the Texans seem to go in for them these days.

Something about Nantucket.


Might be a "too much of a good thing" reaction, too. While driving through the Netherlands a couple of years ago, after having lived in the U.S. for six years, I was amazed at the number of wind turbines that have been put up. Driving from Utrecht to Leeuwarden, via the Flevopolder, I think I must have seen hundreds of them. I don't think they're ugly, but I do have mixed feelings about how they're changing the landscape.

- Thomas


Something about Nantucket.

I know of a young lady from there...


Back when I worked for a big Wintel manufacturer, we noticed a bit of a problem when we received the brochure that covered the new range of computers (which had probably been printed in many millions of copies in various languages.)
All the images on the monitors where from Macs...


Whew! That takes me back...

I recall seeing an ad for DEC in the early '90's.
The picture showed a hand holding a light bulb near an
empty light bulb socket.
The ad copy was something like this...
"Now system administration is as easy as this!"

Something seemed wrong to me, so I studied the ad for
a while...

The photo had been reversed, so the bulb was left-hand

Easy, huh?



"The photo had been reversed, so the bulb was left-hand threaded!"

Maybe they just happened to be in the New York City subway system - they have enough buying clout, I guess, to get left-handed thread bulbs - so nobody can steal them and take them home to use!


Many years ago a science and travel magazine, I think it was the Smithsonian Magazine, published an article on Arab culture which included a photograph which showed a scene of eating a meal. It didn't look right to me. Eventually, I realized that the photograph showed the Arabs eating with their left hands and I knew that they didn't do that. Others had noticed the error as well and notified the magazine. An apology was published in the next issue.

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