PC power > HP-calc power, yet... $PC = $HP48gx


It looks like Samson Cables is selling a pretty expensive 48gx these days:


For $699, I could get a fast laptop! Luckily, I still have a functional 48g, and a PC that needs to be put out to pasture.



I think that some surveyors may pay these prices, since they can pay for them through work.



Why bother? You can now get a 50g for $124.


I am not a surveyor and don't know much about surveying pacs for the hp49G+ and HP50g. If such pacs exists for the newer graphing calculators, then yes it makes sense to buy these newer machines. Otherwise, surveyors are stuck with the hp48gx for now.


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Those prices really are crazy.

3 or 4 years ago I established my (unsellable) stock with 2 brand new 48GX's and 4 brand new 32sii's for future use. Another GX (with MK and many other programs) and 2 other 32sii's are used daily. I don't even think about buying a 33 or a 50. The feeling and the keyboard is "essential" for me.

It has been said many times: shame on HP! How can they discontinue "good" products without introducing equivalent or even better products?



If you currently use TDS or SMI surveying cards, they only fit into a GX, nothing else will do. That is the simple reason why used and new GX prices have stayed where they are for so long. Jumping to newer technology Pocket-PC and other data collectors is about $3000 minimum, which makes a new $699 GX cheap by comparsion. Now aren't you glad you aren't a surveyor?

Shame on HP? Shame on NEC for not wanting to make the Saturn processors, that fab line is history. Everything has a life cycle. I don't hear anybody complaining they can't buy a new LaserJet II or a Vectra ES12 ;^)

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Now aren't you glad you aren't a surveyor?

I recently watched one at work: He placed a few targets at the spots he was interested in, pointed a little laser-thingy at them an read out some figures from a display (no need to copy down anything, he said, its all gonna be downloaded to his computer in the office later, wireless of course). I really thought: This could indeed be a nice way to earn mountains of money ;-)

I have no idea what these devices may cost, but the working time of a surveyor can't come for free either. Leaving behind (or inside showcases) 25-year-old antiques in favor of the latest technology has paid very well in other fields!

Greetings, Max


Yes a package does exist (www.pssllc.com), and it is much better than the old TDS or SMI packages. It even runs circles around the $3000 packages mentioned. No need to get a Windows Mobile POS that has a touch screen. . . about the only thing those are good at is scratching and breaking! :-)


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